Obama Dollar

Everybody here looooves Obama!  Or at least that’s what they say when we come to their stores….  People ask us for Obamadollars and will chant and yell about him whenever they see us.  No one even brings up the buffoon.

I can’t get over how strange it is to see the words going from left to right right now!  Tomorrow is my last Arabic class in Egypt and I’m gonna miss it, as crazy as the language is (words include mumkin, shibshib and btishtigil), I really enjoy it.  Of course, I will take it in the spring back at NU and I’m practicing as much as I can while I’m still here.


The city is basically shutting down.  We’ve all been told not to expect to get anywhere.  The security at the event (recently announced to be at Cairo Univserity) will be insane, and only fifteen students from each class at Cairo U will be permitted to go.  Most tickets are going to higher ups, and extras are being used to curry favor left right and center.  The embassy people we met wiht a few weeks ago basically laughed at us when we asked about being able to go.  They were befuddled by our idea of a watch party in the embassy’s gigantor auditorium.  As you may be able to tell, things haven’t gone so hot between us an the embassy.

So I’ll probably watch the speech in my local cafe with all the other Cairenes, because sometimes a US passport actually isn’t enough.

side note: my computer is dead.  I dunno yet if it’s a coma or what, but that means I can only get intertubes by bumming a computer from a friend or going to an internet cafe where the owner tries to ask me out.  So yeah, he now thinks I’m married and I have no intention of returning.  So don’t expect much contact between now and when I return, unfortunately.  I’m still writing away like mad, though, and will post asap, even if that means posting entries i wrote in Egypt from the comfort of the Terrace.