Lost in Translation

Japan is due for a new prime minister, and boy have they found a winner.  Unfortunately, the poor guy has the nickname “the alien” on account of his “prominent eyes.”  See for yourself. 


Now, I understand he’s Japanese.  Apparently, to them this man has the giant, raging eyes of an alien.  Like this guy:


All steretypes and joking aside, this man appears to have rather small to normal eyes.  They’re certainly no more prominent than those of his wife.  Speaking of, she’s a keeper.  Two years ago she wrote a book that I must read.  In fact, I will absolutely form a bookclub for the sole purpose of reading her book. 

His wife, the future First Lady of Japan, claims to have been to outer space. 

Note, I did not say has been. 

Claims to have been. 

In a triangular shaped UFO. 

Clearly, she’s lying–UFO’s are saucer-shaped.  But it’s cool, cuz the new Prime Minister is an awesome husband, and thinks about things in a good way.  Unlike her deadbeat ex who told her she was probably dreaming about her trip that she took to Venus, admittedly after she fell asleep one night.  So glad she dropped that loser. 

Reuters article on Japan’s JFK and Jackie O.