How to Get a Cuban Boyfriend

Since everyone seems to be interested, here’s your quick and easy guide to finding a novio cubano:

  1. Be a Westerner or Gringa.  You really don’t have to be both, one or the other will do.  Just anything non-Cuban really.
  2. Come to Cuba
  3. Walk outside

Alright, you’re pretty much done.  The Cubanos take over from there.

It’s very strange to realize how many women come here looking exclusively for a fling, for a little Latin flavor.  Meanwhile, the guys get not only a little lovin’, but some food, booze and admission to clubs out of the mix.

While I’m sure there are plenty of guys out there not trying to run this game, and we have met some of them (I think), it’s still a bizarre, nagging part of all our interactions.  Do we pay for them?  Are we being taken advantage of?  I’m referring of course to our interactions with a group of our Cuban friends.  Anyone who knows me (sorry Nana!) knows this novio cubano thing would not fly with me even if I didn’t have Brady.

But how do you say no, when they clearly have so much less, and money that means very little to us means a whole lot to them?  Where do you draw the line?  And how, as a young, independent American female, do you assert yourself within any sort of relationship so contingent on inequality?  Good luck wrangling a relationship with someone whose country yours represses, and whose monthly salary is fixed at something like 200 pesos, or about 8 USD.  When I hear women caterwauling about making more than their husbands, I will now think damn, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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