La Vida sin Bailar

I know it’s Foto Friday, but the internet isn’t working well enough for me to be able to upload any pictures…so you get a second dance-related post instead. Lo siento, muchachos.

When talking about the Cajón before it happened and what behavior is expected of us, someone said (en español, claro)

Can we talk?  Take pictures?  What about dance?”

“Bailar?  Claro, claro!”

And he looked at her like she was truly crazy, to think any celebration, any bit of life, could take place sin bailar.  The night before, at a salsa concert at La Universidad de la Habana, I was tired and feeling a little under the weather.  I went anyway because it sounded great and was free, but was not in the mood to dance.

I didn’t think that would be a problem.

Oh how wrong I was.

Why aren’t you dancing?  Why so sad? You must be shy!  I can teach you how to dance.  Why don’t you like me?  Do you have a boyfriend?  You need a Cuban boyfriend.

Ahhh!  I didn’t know that not dancing meant I was angry.  And it definitely doesn’t mean I need a boyfriend.

The moral?  If you’re a Cuban and you’re not dancing, there must be something seriously wrong.

2 thoughts on “La Vida sin Bailar”

  1. I can remember Joe’s Nonna saying how devasted the mountain village was during and after WWII as they were short on food, water and electricity. So, they would crank up the victrola and they would dance! It would take their minds off their troubles for a bit and would make them feel good. We should probably be dancing more…

    Love to you and Happy VD!
    Eena xoxoxox

    P.S. How do I change that cranky face icon they assigned me?


  2. Delia, if you hear music, go in the opposite direction. Sorry, that’s the best I can do “On the fly”. Hope you’re feeling better by the time you get this. Have a great weekend. Uncle Joe O.


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