Is Fidel Back in Power?


Last week, on the tenth, Brit found a Newsweek article claiming Fidel had rallied his health (he’s about 84 and had given over the reigns to Raul, who is 6 years younger and has been involved in the Revolution since the beginning) and had taken charge on the third of March.

The third?

I found out on the tenth.


I’m in Cuba right now, and a polisci fanatic no less.

So I did some digging.  I asked some Cuban friends, and when random Cubans started talking to me or harassing me, I asked them about their president.  Previously chatty Cubans (they are almost always verbose) clammed up, entirely ignoring me or shrugging their shoulders.

A press woman at the US Special Interests Section of the Swiss Embassy answered questions about the Castro back and forth in a sideways manner, opting instead to comment on the difference between Presidents Bush and Obama once more.  While it was mentioned that Cuba went from Fidel to Raul, “and now back to Fidel, maybe?” she chose not to comment on that part of the question.

Then we had the first of two lectures by Cuban pr rock star Margarita Alarcon, and I asked her.  The response?  No, of course Fidel’s not in power.  That’s ridiculous.  So what gives, Newsweek?  If you’re right, where are BBC, CNN and EVERYONE ELSE on this topic?  It seems right now that the only story is that Newsweek reported a story.  If you’re not right, where’s the retraction?

Either way, where is the noise on this subject?

One thought on “Is Fidel Back in Power?”

  1. Delia, not lots of news re: Cuba in Malden these days. Otherwise, I could fill you in on YOUR local hapenings. If I do hear anything, I certainly will let you know.
    Ciao, Uncle Joe O.


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