The Off-Season

I’m spending the next five weeks in the Greater Boston area, going between my parents’ house, Brookline, Somerville and NU’s campus.  I actually have a cell phone (what’s that?!), so if you’re in the area hit me up.

After five weeks,I’ll be heading to France for a week and then Benin for three.  There will be a lot more info going up about that trip and those two locations during my “break.”  After I come home I hope to start co-op somewhere, but preferably in Massachusetts. That’s about as much as I can definitively say about my future for now.

During the “off season” I’ll definitely keep blogging, as I did in between Egypt and Cuba.  I usually cover similar topics like current events in the countries I have been to, stories I never got the chance to share in country, and of course more Foto Fridays.  Also, blog is often the best way to know when and where I’ll travel next. 

I’m also going to be covering the process of re-entry into normal life.  Travel doesn’t end when you get off the plane-from unpacking and reflecting to reverse culture shock, there’s a lot that changes when you come home.  Not everyone and everything is just how you left them, and most of all, the traveller changes. 

Have any suggestions for good content?  Any questions?  What do you do with a travel blog when you’re not travelling?

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