Benin in Brief

Sory all, but the intenret cafe i’m in has some serious issues, so this is going to be a quick and dirty bullet post; sans photos.

  • sidewalks are treqcherous in Benin, including gaping three foot deep holes into the sewage system which is just stqgnant water
  • due to a linguistic mistake, we have no ac.  This is why it’s important to know the local language!
  • All the Benois students we’ve met have been enthusiastic and so friendly!
  • We bathe often but not thoroughly, and it makes little difference in the fqce of such heat
  • we have bug nets, zhich thankfully protect us fro, the bats as well
  • it is most definiely the rainy season n Benin
  • some of the letters and all of the sy,bols are ,oved aroung on the French keyboard which they use in Benin.  Desolée!
  • there qre very few streetlights and no trqffic lights
  • there qe no taxis; everyone rides motorbikes without helmets

I hope to find a better internet cafe soon, or perhaps somewhere with wifi!

One thought on “Benin in Brief”

  1. Delia, WOW!! It sounds like you really “Stepped in it” this time. I hope the days ahead find you in better circumstance. Again, I’m sure this will be a real Eye-Opener. And again, you will become an even better person, if that’s possible, than before!! I look forward to your typical pictoral tour in the near future. As always, stay safe, and be careful. Hold onto your wallet!!! Uncle Joe O.


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