Where Are All the Women?

Going out at night in Cuba, we were surrounded by men of all ages, a smattering of foreign women (Cuban men in hand!) and really no one else.  Where all the Cuban ladies at?

Some of my friends pointed out that part of why Cuban guys were so forward with us was that our very presence in night life was saying A LOT more than we thought it was.  One of our first nights, we saw one girl out.  She was in Chucks, cut-off shorts and a tank top, but she ruled that place.  She shook her booty like booties have never shaken before or since, except when attached to her.

Along the malecón, you can see couples canoodling everywhere.  They are attached at the hip to their guys, and from what I hear, they spend a great deal of money on their men.  Clothing, absurd silver/gold tooth coverings, and of course food.  What the what?

Is that the only place for young Cuban women in nightlife?  Booty shakers and girlfriends?  Oh Madonna and the Whore, the Two Marys, how I tire of thee and thine eternal truth.

Have people experienced this in other Latin American countries?  Where on earth were all the young women?  Maybe they just knew better and were staying away from all the men, unless they found one worthy of their attention?  Who knows–but it definitely made us gringas stick out even more than we already did.

3 thoughts on “Where Are All the Women?”

  1. Delia, they are a “Product of their environment”, as are you. Thank God for Mr. & Mrs. J. Harrington. Didn’t they do a GREAT job with their 2 kids???!!! You’re a very lucky lady. As I am a very lucky Uncle. Don’t change. Uncle Joe


  2. Yesterday I happen to discuss about this topic with a friend of mine. I live in Buenos Aires at the moment and when we were walking through the barrio it got my eye that here even 13 year young looking girls (probably even younger) try to look like they are 19 with their make-up but fail miserably, the shorts are getting shorter and the tops are more like stretched bras. Although here it really depends which club you decide to visit – one club aint the other. Shaking the booty is mandatory it seems but it is possible to do it in style or to well… the opposite =) Though it seems that there is a good balance of male and female representatives during the night in Buenos Aires =)

    Love to check out nightlife in Cuba though!!


    1. Welcome, Milene! Cuban night life is a lot of fun, although there are definitely some blurry lines about who is out for fun and who is a professional. I just got back from India and found that I had to go way out of my way, like in Cuba and Egypt, to have conversations with them. It’s frustrating to me when women don’t seem to be a part of public life.


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