Something Worth Celebrating: National Coming Out Day

Instead of some long-dead jerk who didn’t really discover America (he DID land in Cuba though!) and even if he had, was clearly second-best to the vikings, let’s celebrate something real, something American.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

That’s really what this is all about.  I don’t care what your politics or your religion are, everyone deserves to be happy.  They deserve to get promoted or hired based on their skills, to adopt if they’re fit parents and so choose.  To go on dates in public and not feel glares or hear slurs.  To go to school and learn, not hide from bullies.  If you have a problem with that, I think you’ve misunderstood America and what we’re doing here, and I’d kindly direct you to re-read some of our most important documents.  Or might I interest you in a stint in North Korea?  I hear Kim Jong-il isn’t a big fan of tolerance or civil liberties either.

For National Coming Out Day, I encourage you to post on facebook, twitter or your blog encouraging our friends, families and neighbors to be comfortable in their own skin, whatever that may mean to them.  You should also look at the It Gets Better Project over on youtube.  Far too many kids have been bullied and lives have been lost.  Show people you Give a Damn.

And finally, a plea: if you’re cruel to people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, questioning, trans, intersex, in transition, or a myriad of other things that simply don’t fit the standard view of normal, you’re only hurting yourself.  Inevitably, there are people in your life who are in those categories.  Do you know what happens to gay teenagers whose families don’t accept them?  They find a new family.  They lead happy, successful lives where they build their own tribe out of friends, coworkers, boyfriends, girlfriends and spouses.  But they won’t feel comfortable with you.  They’ll limit their time with you, because pretending around you and limiting who they are, will suck.

So don’t drive loved ones away, and don’t spread hate.  Learn more, and make sure everybody, no matter how different or special or marginalized or weird they are, feels welcome here.  Because that’s what every good, patriot American should do, right?

Happy coming out day!

2 thoughts on “Something Worth Celebrating: National Coming Out Day”

  1. Delia, I agree with everything you said. Love and tolerance is what really matters. That’s why this is the “Land of the FREE and the BRAVE(not Bullies). Being foreign-born(Italian), I was an outsider and bullied in my early years. NO ONE deserves that!! So, let’s all go out there and treat “ALL” the way we want to be treated. Have a wonderful week. Uncle Joe O.


  2. Well said Delia!
    It seems National Coming Out Day is recieving more attention this year than in past years, and that’s great! It’s too bad that it’s mainly because of the recent publicized suicides of LGBT teens (Though to be honest, that’s been going on for a very long time).

    If people were only saying things like this when I was growing up. I hope in the future, having to tell people you’re gay won’t be such a hassle or emotional rollercoaster. It is the best and worst event in any young LGBT kid’s life. It’s a long struggle with admitting to yourself that you won’t have the normal life your parent’s have set out for you, fearing that you’ll lose everyone you love because of something you have no control over, and sometimes even wish could be changed. But once you force yourself to tell someone, when the comments about future wives and children and girlfriends get overwhelming, it’s so much better. Life gets better when you feel you can be open and honest with everyone about everything. Not having to hide is a great thing. Getting to that point is incredibly exhausting and difficult.

    So it’s sad that it took suicides to get the attention we deserve, but at least we’re getting it.


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