WebLove Wednesday

Untranslatable words (is that even a word?) via Miss Conduct

I love words and phrases and feelings oh so very much.  How great is the word for that look and that relcutance?  Although I must say, there’s something wonderful about not being able to name a feeling that so strongly revolves around silence.  Sometimes seeing or describing everything else around the silence can be more beautiful than the vulgarity of naming it.

What is Fair Trade, Really?  A thought-provoking little article to get you in gear about fair trade, from All of Us Revolution, discovered via Almost Fearless

A scorecard grading Obama‘s ability to keep promises made during his Cairo Speech in 2009 (I wasin Cairo!  but getting to that speech was impossible:( )
via The Moor Next Door

An actual link to Almost Fearless, concernign traveling parents, the cultural differences in what is considered safe/good parenting, and Britney Spears.  Well worth the read, and I love her humility, openness and practicality.  What a good mom!

A great visual about the history and money-making madness of student loans.

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