eCollegeFinder’s Study Abroad Ambassador List

eCollegeFinder is a website dedicate to helping students find an online educatuon that’s right for them.  They also offer resources on every aspect of the college experience you can imagine, from health and well-being to finances.

They just released their list of the Top 75 Study Abroad websites, and I’m happy to say I’m on it!  If you’re looking into study abroad, check out their list.  There are blogs from students, study abroad providers, and members of the industry.  Beneath the link to each blog, you’ll see their advice to students looking to go abroad.

I’m so excited to be included on a list with some other great bloggers, like API’s study abroad blog.  API (Academic Programs International) is a provider NU works with, and one I’ve used before as a participant.  They are awesome people and they run a great blog, even if you’re not going through their company!

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