Signs I’ve Been Home Too Long

  • I resort to watching reality trash like “Love in the Wild,” just to see the Costa Rican landscape
  • I’m trying to learn another language
  • I go out to dinner and on vacation with my parents.  often.  willingly.
  • I’ve made several fantasy itineraries for future travels
  • It’s been months since I’ve eaten fresh, local, fruit
  • I talk to myself in Spanish
  • My workout music is all foreign
  • People have no problem getting mad about my new piercing/unemployment status/messiness, because they’re completely over the novelty of my being home.
  • I have plenty of time to write but nothing to say
  • People keep asking which country I’m in and/or trying to hang out with me, “before you leave again!” assuming I should be leaving any day now
  • The excitement of living near a target has (almost) worn off
  • My parents’ upcoming trip to Montreal for 3-4 days sounds mouthwatering.
  • Walking for 40 minutes seems absurd
  • I don’t get excited about tap water; I expect it
  • I waste things without even noticing
  • The idea of a beach being for wealthy people is annoying but expected

On the flip side, check out Signs I’ve Been Traveling too Long.  How do you know you’ve been home too long?

3 thoughts on “Signs I’ve Been Home Too Long”

  1. Delia, you sound like you’re ready to be on the prowl again. You will be, soon enough. Patience is always golden. Enjoy the rest of your summer at home. Joe O.


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