Signs I’ve Been Traveling too Long

  • I don’t think of time in semesters, seasons or years, but rather locations
  • I don’t actually have a primary care physician, just a doctor at the travel clinic
  • Everyone asks, “where are you going next?” and “how was wherever you went?” instead of “what are you doing with your life/where are you working,” and, “how are you?”
  • No one is mad about my new piercing/unemployment status/messiness, because they’re just excited you’re home.  WARNING: this only lasts about 48 hours. 
  • Even my Gram makes cracks about you being in the state for more than 24 hours.
  • A toilet is a luxury
  • An eight hour bus ride seems like no big thing
  • Staying in one place for a week or more leaves you feeling settled, calm, and eventually even a little stir crazy.
  • I find myself referring to your time abroad like prison stints, “Yeah, I did three months in Havana, then after that I was in West Africa for three weeks.”
  • I try to reuse everything, and hoard weird stuff like plastic cutlery and sauce packets
  • I am appalled by things like baby/wedding showers, and the excessive and overlapping nature of most of the gifts.
  • Supermarkets are scary but sort of awesome.

On the flip side, check out Signs I’ve Been Home too Long.  How do you know you’ve been gone too long?

2 thoughts on “Signs I’ve Been Traveling too Long”

  1. Delia, so “How are you really doing”?? Have you, or will you be doing any serious vacation time? To have some DELIA fun?? Pamper yourself, and enjoy the remainder of your summer. It goes quick. And, by IT, I mean life in general. Please “STOP TO SMELL THE COFFEE”, EVEN IF YOU DON’T DRINK IT!!!! Joe O. XO


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