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A Whole New World

Being home is great because America is like this whole new place to me.  I appreciate a lot more, and there’s so much to experience.  I’m not clamoring to speak my mind or exercise the rights we come to think of as synonymous with “America” and the antithesis to a place like Cuba.  I never felt unprivileged in that sense.  Rather, it’s everything that’s transpired here in the last three months.

Reading the Globe on the porch instead of on my laptop, trying on lots of clothes just for fun, trying to cook.  There’s always people to catch up with, television shows to catch up on, the radio dial full of new songs, and movies I haven’t heard of.  Food to re-experience, places to re-visit, and things to get reacquainted with, like going to American bars, ordering takeout or driving again.

And really, nothing can compare to driving again.  I blare the stereo, singing and dancing along (even if I don’t know the words.)  Tonight’s inspiration, if you must know, was Rage Against the Machine.  Because sometimes new is great, but familiar is even better.