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I’ve been collecting all of my writing from other sources onto this one blog, so today here’s an old post from Florida’s Myakka State Park. 

Today we headed over to Myakka State Park, “the real Florida.”  If you’re ever in the area, I highly recomennd stopping by.  At $5 a car, it is what my Cope calls “a good take”.  My family loves outdoors things, being tourists, and educational stuff.  State and National Parks are the intersection of these, and thus we have been to an inordinate number of them.  They have little passports where you get stamps at all the state parks around the country, and we are frighteningly close to filling it up.  

We sort of stumbled upon the airboat ride, which was goofy but fun.  Afterwards we did an elevated walkway, which was amazing.  It shook and rattled in the wind a bit, but it was great to get way up above the palm trees and see across the whole great damn flat state.  I’m fairly certain I saw Georgia.  
Over the course of the day we managed to see about fifteen alligators and approximately five thousand buzzards.  Speaking of buzzards, they get a bum wrap.  Rap?  Whatever.  Apparently, they aren’t flying in circles around dead stuff.  They’re going in circles because of the columns of thermal air.  They fly around for hours and hours for the sheer joy of it, which is something I can get behind.  
I also got the priviledge of eating alligator jerky.  I thought it was bizarre, but apparently the kooks in florida eat this all the time, selon tomtom.   Weird.  
Time to get some sleep so I can catch the Sox against the Reds.  Gnight
Originally posted Monday, March 2, 2009at 10:29 PM