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Shameless Plug

So I love Groupon.  I tell people about it, I email them when something comes up that they love, I give them as gifts and share them with friends.  And now Groupon wants me and a bunch of other college kids to help them promote!

So if you haven’t tried Groupon, here’s the skinny: They have great coupons and discounts and things every day, and if enough people sign up to buy one, the sale happens.  If it doesn’t happen, they don’t bill you.  You get a good deal, the business gets publicity and Groupon gets a cut.  A blog basically IS shameless self-promotion, but I like to be up front about my motives and such, especially since this has a monetary benefit for me.  Normally, the only benefit I get from your participation in this blog is better writing skills and the warm-fuzzies inside, so this is kind of exciting and different.

The downside: there are some reports that Groupon isn’t super-fair to businesses, but at least in all the ones I’ve read they admitted they should have made different terms or simply not dealt with Groupon, and none accused Groupon of going against their word/contract.

The most common downside: buying a Groupon and then forgetting to use it.  This is why I find it’s best to buy them (and then spend them) with friends, so you won’t all forget.  Or to just carry them around with you.

Here’s my referral link, if you’re interested.  Full disclosure: normally, a person gets $10 in GrouponBucks if they refer a friend who buys a Groupon.  Because of this special promotion, (now till Dec 7) I will get $20 in GrouponBucks.  So if you were going to join/buy Groupons anyway, I would appreciate it if you’d use the referral link.

-End shameless self promotion-