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Action: a Guest Post by Kandace of One Red Wall

Hey all, so this is my first ever participation in a blag swap.  Kandace from One Red Wall is posting here, and I’ll be posting over at her site.  And can I say that she’s been a perfect doll, even with me being the worst swap partner ever?  Check out her site to read some great posts on taking charge of your life, and making your own happiness.

As I’m sure Delia here has already mentioned, we’re taking part in the 20sb Blog Swap. Meaning Delia was kind enough to let me guest post here on her lovely blog and she’ll be over on One Red Wall today. So don’t forget to head over and check out what she has to say. Now since I ramble on enough in my post, I will refrain from rambling in the intro.

The theme this time is Action. Specifically, something I’ve been putting off a long time that I need to do next year.

GAWD there are so many things. Getting back in shape, getting back to school, paying old debts, making Friends instead of acting all Lone Wolf, all important things. But the first thing that came to mind when I read that?

I need to start saving money to go Bungee Jumping.

I had decided I’d go in 2010 and I just didn’t do enough to make it happen. I put it off to the end of the year when my sister could go with us and the company we planned on using Canceled the whole event. Really, I probably wouldn’t have been able to afford it even if they didn’t since I hadn’t bothered to Save for it. It was like I was sabotaging myself. So I failed. And I’m not doing that again. I Am Going in 2011. I Have to.

I know it sounds … crazy, but I know it’ll change my life. Although I know several people who’d be surprised to find out, the truth is that I am a big Chicken. I just fake it. I don’t even love Roller Coasters. Yet every time I’m around a roller coaster I go get on the Biggest Scariest one there First thing. I will have a mini-freak out in my head all the way up the first hill and as I start the first drop. But then we start the next climb.

That’s when I get over the fear. That’s when I start to love it. As long as I take the biggest and scariest first, I’ll love all of the ones that follow it. No gradual buildup for me. It’s all or nothing. I do that with more than just roller coasters, but I won’t bore you with 100 examples.

I know that when it’s time to go on that jump, I’ll want to go first. And I’ll hate it. All the way down I’ll probably hold myself pretty stiff and cuss at myself about Why the Fuck did I want to DIE?? And then I’ll bounce. And that’s what I want. I know that after the Bounce I’ll love it. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ll want to go again. I Know me. I really do love doing risky thrilling things, I just let my doubts and my fear get in the way too often.

And that’s how I know that bungee jumping will change my life. It’s Crazy for someone who doesn’t like roller coasters or that Drop ride thing to Yearn to go bungee jumping, but I do. Almost Everyone I’ve talked to about it thinks I’m Crazy and half of Them say it’s too dangerous for me to do since I have kids. Well guess what? I’m more likely to get broadsided while driving my car than die in a bungee jumping accident. And when I conquer that, I know I’ll look at other things differently. Maybe that sounds like a lot to put on a bungee jump, but I know it will change how I look at things. Hell, every new thrilling thing does, so why wouldn’t bungee jumping do it too?

Technically, it would be easier for me to go skydiving, since there is a skydiving place Right at the edge of town and you can go any day the weather is nice. Maybe I’ll do that next. But for now, I’m going to go on the Other side of town and go bungee jumping (did I mention they have a great bridge to jump off of within minutes from my house?). And if they cancel again, I’ll just have to bungee jump somewhere further from home. But I Will do it in 2011.

After I go bungee jumping I still have to continue saving. I have a European or Australian vacation to plan for 2012. I’ve lived in Europe, but I was never able to go Experience it without Parents or School Agendas or something that made my destination and length of stay Not of my choosing. This time, I want to go and Live Life and just take it all in. I’d love to go solo, but I’m a nice wife, so I’ll let Husband go on my vacation too if he wants to. He’s pretty well traveled and Tired of it so he may choose to stay home.

Of all the thing I know I need to do in 2011, and all the things I know I Will do in 2011… Going bungee jumping and starting the 2012 vacation fund are what I am going to do For Me. I am an older sister, a mom, and a wife, so I have been putting others in front of me for my whole life.

I have bought so many kids toys, and Husband toys… It’s about time I took some action and saved money that is only to be used for something for me.