The birth of this blog, and an utterly life-changing experience, my six weeks in Egypt were a part of NU’s Dialogue of Civilizations program.  If you’re thinking of going, I highly recommend it.  Feel free to shoot me an email ( or a comment with any questions about Egypt, NU or the Dialogue program in general.

My posts on Egypt.

Northeastern’s site for the trip.

Here I am in Cairo, sounding like an idiot.

This is Professor Sullivan’s blog from the previous summer’s trip:

Cynthia Sweet, one of the trip leaders, has started a blog for the group:

El Koshary Daily, which is sort of like The Onion for Egypt, but better.


Flamenco Hotel, which is on the island of Zamalek in the River Nile in Cairo
Oh the Flamenco.  This was home, and everyone who went still thinks of it fondly.  The employees are super nice, and if you befriend them they’ll go to the moon and back for you.  They’re also very willing to help you with Arabic.

Iberotel Hotel in Luxor
This resort was our first taste of luxory (whoops) and a break from the hustle and grime of Cairo.  You don’t need to leave it for anything, which is amazing but also quite sad.  Also, the pool floats on top of the Nile, which is pretty bomb.

Marsa Matruh
Beau Site Hotel
This place was spartan but it did the trick.  You shouldn’t be spending your time in the hotel room anyway, you should be out enjoying the gorgeous view and the amazing beach.

Siwa Paradise Hotel
Siwa is amazing, and most people never go.  The hotel is a series of bungalow-type buildings with a cement pond.  The power often goes out and everything is a little grimy, but it’s high on charm and we all ended up loving it.

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