I spent two weeks in France on an exchange during the spring of my junior year in high school.  The October before I hosted my counterpart, Mélanie, for two weeks.  Two years earlier, my brother Kevin participated in the same program, hosting Ben.  In May of 2010 I spent a week in Paris as part of a Dialogue of Civilizations program (summer classes) and it was glorious.  I feel so blissfully comfortable in Paris and France in general that I often forget I’m not at home.

French is also the foreign language I’ve studied the most, starting when I was 12.  It is beautiful and probably my favorite, due in part to this beauty but also to my relative ease with it.  Basically, if you speak to me in Arabic I’ll beg for Spanish, and in Spanish I’ll beg for French.  Actually, I kind of just always beg for French.

I haven’t written a ton about France, but that shall change.  For now, here are a few links.

L’Ecole Join-Lambert (français), the school I attended in France, from whence Mélanie and Ben came.

Posts on France.

2 thoughts on “France”

  1. Hi Delia,

    I came across your blog recently and I really enjoyed reading your posts. I haven’t everything yet, but I’m working on it! I’m French and glad to see you like our language. You might be quite good at it if you started to study it at 12! Have you visited other place than Paris? There are many other places to visit! I’ll continue to read your blog! (sorry for the grammatical mistakes, like I said, English is not my mother tongue, I’m still learning!) 🙂


  2. Lucie,
    glad you’re enjoying the blog! I lived with a family in Rouen for two weeks when I was in high school, and I was lucky enough to visit places like Caen, Etretat and Montmartre. I would love to go back for longer and visit Lyons, the Mediterranean coast and more! And your English is great, don’t worry about grammar! thanks for reading, and keep up the comments!


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