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Blitzfest in Perry Park

A few weeks ago, I got to see some friends play their music outside on an unseasonably warm October afternoon. Perry Park in Somerville has never had live music before, but that didn’t stop Wolf Blitzer (the band) from organizing the event, which some affectionately called #Blitzfest. Inspired by Porchfest, a much-beloved music festival held on the porches of private homes throughout Somerville, Nick Canton of Wolf Blitzer got the proper permission from local authorities and tapped some friends to fill out the schedule.

One of my favorite things about living in Somerville is that there is always something interesting happening somewhere, and so many of the people who live here are invested in the place.  Throughout the day, neighbors came by to check out the music, and families with young kids who frequent the playground got their first taste of hipsters and alt rock.

Carolyn enjoys some playground equipment.
Fans wait patiently while the band set up.
Harry Swyter of The Salem Wolves tells the crowd a story or two.
Cayla and Nick of Wolf Blitzer watch the Salem Wolves play.
The newlyweds (my brother and Michelle) sneak a kiss between songs.
The newlyweds (my brother and Michelle) sneak a kiss between songs.
Gray and Harry of The Salem Wolves.


The coolest part of the day was seeing the performances mix right into the usual aspects of the park.

The Final Countdown

You can miss a lot in three months.  While I am pumped to go, here are a few things I’ll miss while I’m gone.

  • Pat’s post-season and the Super Bowl.  I watch the Super Bowl every year
  • St. Patrick’s Day.  St. Patty’s is a big deal in my family, what with us being absurdly Irish and it being Kev’s birthday and all that.  I’ve also never been 21 for it before, and because of Southeast and UNA last year I pretty much missed it entirely.
  • Valentine’s Day.  For me, and any self-respecting UNA kid, V-Day means Harvard and all that that entails.
  • Chicken Lou’s TKO.  So delicious.
  • Husky Hockey.  The regular season, the Beanpot, etc.  I haven’t missed many games in my tenure at NU; it usually only happens when I’m out of state.
  • Harry Potter exhibit at the MOS.  I was hoping to get in there before I leave, but that didn’t happen.  I’m hoping they extend it beyond February.  Even if they do though, it probably won’t still be there in April.
  • Milk.  It’s only rationed for babies in Cuba, so I won’t get any for three months.  How weird is that?  And I’m a huge milk drinker so this may be an issue.
  • Dates with Meredith in Davis.  It’s a great little neighborhood with some of the best shopping.  Keep an eye out on Poor Little Rich Girl for me, k?
  • Alex, my partner in crime.  This will be the first significant amount of time that we’ll spend apart in over a year.  We survived the long hours of UNA, the Egypt trip, a broken ankle, a broken heart and a lot of fun.
  • The New England winter.  I know, easy for me to say.

If you were gone for the next three months, what would you miss?  Anything you totally wouldn’t miss?